Thursday, February 7, 2013

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

100 days? Where has the time gone?

Hi Guys
Well its approx 100 days since I joined JustbeenPaid!
The restart took a lot longer than anticipated, so Yes I was disappointed!
Santa Claus had lost his sky map to my house. LOL!

However I have still been very busy, I Sold 2 house's last week so it looks like I could end up in the Bulgarian Estate Agency Business. LOL!
Shear fluke, someone in the village asked me to try and sell there house, which I listed and sold in a few days.Their friend then asked me to do the same, which I did and from then, there has been a constant stream of people at my door. Wanting to sell properties all over Bulgaria.
So if any one is interested in Owning in Bulgaria prices start from $3500 with a minimum of 1000m2 of Land. Let me know and I will see what I can do.

The Kiddie Winkies have finished school for the Summer Holidays. For those of you who worry about 6 weeks school holidays like in the UK. Bulgaria have 15 weeks this year.
Who in there right mind gives children 15 weeks off school all at one go.
I am considering digging my grave now, I don't know if it will be for me or the kids whoever jumps in first.
Anything for peace and quiet ( for me), or in the kids case, lets see how long it takes Mum to find us.LOL!

So things are looking good, in the 100 or so days at Justbeenpaid I have had 298 positions.
Oh wait a minute and I will show you.
As you can see, I have hit the $3000 mark.
I have potential earnings of $900 in my matrix's, just from expired positions. WoW what a Bonus!
At the moment I have 151 live earning positions.
I have withdrawn $685. The money is in my pocket.
It has never taken more than 12 hours to arrive in Alertpay.
I have had my small Investment back plus more.
If you are still unsure, try the $10 Free trial, you will start earning today the $10 is taken back after 45 days for someone else to try, but you still keep earning.
It won't make you Rich overnight unless you can Invest, but by adding $10 a week you will soon be earning $30-$40 a day.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 77* 2 Days to go until Re Start

Day 77
204 Positions
$1726.20 Earned                            
I am so excited,
like a child at Christmas.
What will Santa bring?  
Will it be what I had
hoped for?

Probably more, 
What I have learnt in the 
last 78 days is

JBP and JSS Tripler 
have outweighed all of my Expectations.

Earning $40.80 a day and thats after 78 days. $285 a week. 
Santa of course is Frederick Mann

The Restart in 2-3 days time, I guarantee will be No Exception. 

There will be No dissapointed faces at my house on Sunday and Monday

Its not too late to get in your JSS Matrix Positions, Each Position is $20 and returns $60 Tripling your money!  

"who let the dogs out? who! who! whowho! who"        
 Like I said a bit excited. 

Its a great time to join JSS Tripler as there won't be another Restart for 90 days at least, giving you time to learn the programs.

The $10 FREE position is still available, I don't know how much longer that will last as JSS Tripler has close to 500.000 members and is growing at a rate of 7000 members a day.

The Free position is paid forward after 45 days ($10 will be deducted from your account and given to a new member to help them learn the ropes and start earning)

Claim your $10 Position Now

Happy Earnings for 2012 and Beyond
Louise El Khoury

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 69**11 Days until JSS-Tripler goes to Re Start

11 Days to Go
Until JSS Tripler goes into Re Start.
Oh Boy this is so exciting. I will have 3 positions in the Matrix from my expired JSS Tripler Positions.
Plus additional Positions from my unexpired JSS Tripler positions that are yet to be converted over.
Trying to work it out, I should have 20/25 Matrix positions.
For each of my positions that complete a matrix I will Earn $60.
                                                                                     $60 x 20 positions $1200 ***
                                                                                     $60 x 25 positions $1500****
You can see Why I am so excited.
The part that I have not told you is, I will still have 100 positions in  JSS Tripler
earning me $20 a day. (due to the cut off date)

(I am jumping up and down at the moment with delight, it is not a pretty sight)

WHY! because I started with my Free $10.   69 Days ago.

If you join now you are certain there won't be another Re Start for at least 90 Days.
An Ideal opportunity for those of you wanting to Earn whilst Learning how everything works.
Or you can Opt in and buy a Matrix Position  for $20 and Earn $60 Tripling your Money.

My Earnings to Date $1425.90
To some People its not much, to others its a huge amount.
To Me Personally  "WOW" it was all  from my Free $10, 69 Days Ago, by Sheer Fluke!

Happy Earnings for 2012 and Beyond
Louise El Khoury

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

63 Days, Who can afford to turn this down.

63 Days

As things go, there are very few things in life that are free.
But that's how I started, with my Free $10 to start,  to be paid back after 45 days.

63 days, 2 months $1349.30
I think that's pretty impressive!
Its growing Daily.

Let me know what you think!

Happy Earnings for 2012 and Beyond

Louise El Khoury

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

50 Days and $897 Richer!

Hi Everyone
Really wanted to show you this today, $3 short of $900 in 50 days.
I started with my $10 free sign up or test drive and today that's been paid back .
I have withdrawn $55
 I would have earned the $900 easily by now if I had not withdrawn the $55
I think this is brilliant, I am continuing to roll over my earnings.
This will end up being the best year earnings wise.
Why did I not get in on this earlier.

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Huge New Member Pack available on sign up

Happy Earnings for 2012 and Beyond

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 45. JSS Tripler Pays Super Fast.

How are you doing Today?
I am Great Thank You!
Take a Look and you will see WHY I feel Great!
$729 in 44 days. Today's earnings have not been added yet.
I withdrew 2 lots of money, I know I said I was rolling it over, but I thought, what if I keep rolling my earnings over and when it comes time to withdraw it takes weeks to reach my account!
So the withdrawals are a test.
The minimum you can withdraw is $20.
It took less than 24 hours to reach Solidtrustpay and 48 hours to withdraw to Alertpay.
This was because I had not used Alertpay with this account and they wanted to do some checks first, to make sure I had requested the money.
Well done JSS!
With STP only 2% is taken in withdrawal fee's
With Alertpay 8% is taken in withdrawal fee's
So do you Math's if you want to withdraw $1000 LOL! 
Hope to see you registered under me soon.
Happy earnings for 2012 and Beyond
Louise El Khoury